Greek newspaper “Proto Thema” hosts a feature on architect Spiros Soulis

Greek newspaper “Proto Thema” hosts a feature on architect Spiros Soulis and Iktinos Marmaron Spiros Soulis Designs





A feature on Spiros Soulis and Iktinos Marmaron Spiros Soulis Designs was hosted in the leading Greek newspaper “Proto Thema”, where Spiros stated amongst others on his cooperation with his good friend Lydia Haida:

“Marble represents Greece and I am very glad to be embraced with enthusiasm when presenting our collection of objects and furniture all over the world, from Paris to Miami.” “I wanted to introduce marble in every home with a modern and intelligent way, as it still is a favorite material all around the world. ”

“Me and Lydia Chaida are longtime friends and both architects that share the same creative concerns and dreams. Her father, Greek architect Evangelos Chaidas with an experience of more than 40 years in the Greek marble industry, together with his vision and passion for marble has achieved for the whole world to seek the Greek marble.

Together with Lydia we shared our love for this beautiful and timeless material and since the very beginning of our cooperation we had a goal: we wanted to “travel” the material of marble all around the world and to place it into unique design venues of the planet, redefining marble by designing unique and contemporary pieces, with particular emphasis on the design detail and craftsmanship.

Iktinos Marmaron already equips some of the most important architectural projects both in Greece and around the world. The objective is one: The Greek marble to be reached all over the world so as to beautify buildings and homes, exterior, interior, everywhere!”